Funky Clothing – Ideas for Unconventional Fashion Statement

ImageThe vintage clothing design with the mixture of modern technology is counted as funky clothing. The funky style form of the sixties and seventies are very popular in funky fashion trend. In funky clothing the colour plays a great role. Vibrant colours are used in clothes. Funky clothing style is flashy and unconventional. The design prints of funky clothing are bold and colourful like florals, stripes, polka dots, and geometric patterns.

Hoodies are great for funky style. Interesting prints and slogans on shirts and tee’s are very popular in this category. Pants and shorts of different styles are fashion trend. Ladies can also wear skirts and dresses. Stripes and patterns on skirts and pants are in demand. Leather pants look funky yet chic. Pair off tank tops with baggy pants. Mix and match different clothes for an unique look.

The special features of funky clothing collection at Etnix Byron Bay store are unique; an ergonomic cut, functional and eco-friendly fabrics, and is more widely aimed at both men and women. The collection is mainly aimed at men and women who enjoy dressing in style and sporting surprising looks.