Funky Tribal Fashion Trends 2013

ImageEveryone secretly loves gallivanting through the aisles of the flights of fancy and you too, obviously, are not an exception. All of us dream of travelling to the distant countries so as to see their natural wonders and meet people with outlandish fashions. Lately, it has been observed everywhere that the African and Indian tribal dresses have been creating quite a bit of anxiousness among the people. So, what would you say if such dresses were brought home by a couple of enterprises?

Well, Andras and Niki, Etnix Clothing Designs are here to revamp the entire fashion world with a new outlook. With a small and yet, exclusive showroom at Byron Bay they are all set to give the tribal fashions a modern makeover. After visiting the extremely remote parts of the world and meeting people they have gained considerable knowledge about a lot of bizarre customs, festivities and the most important of all, dresses, which compliment all.

As far as dresses are concerned, there are about 36 different products to choose from:

Cinnamon Dress: It costs about $AU 709.00 and is made of rayon with elastic gathering around the waist. It also has a wide open sleeve with stud embroidery. Available in black and sea-green color, it is truly a funky outfit.

Fern Hemp Dress: Costing around $AU 79.00, this dress is available in green, purple, white and brown colors.

Well, men too have a lot to look forward to, as far as tribal fashions are concerned. There are myriads of jackets, vests, pants and T shirts to choose from.

Ratredz Vest: As a name suggests, this one is truly akin to a tribal outfit with metal studs. It has leather decoration at the back.


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