Tribal Fashion Inspired Trendy Clothings

ImageEtnix Clothing Designs is a small family business which has been thriving for 7 years. Currently, they have come up with a new gallery of tribal fashions, which have largely appealed to the customers. This is due to the fact that these outfits are designed in funky style, thereby becoming a great rage among the students and party-goers as well.

There is a wide array of tribal clothing for men and women, along with stunning accessories to go with them. As far as the women are concerned, they could indulge in buying a new wardrobe altogether since Etnix has a wide range of trendy looking tops, corsets, skirts, pants, dresses, leather skirts, jackets, hoodies and so on.

There are about 40 different varieties of tops to choose from. Here are a few of them:

Aspire Mini Top: Priced at $AU 69.00, this sexy little mini top is available in grey and white shades. It is made of 100 percent cotton and is adorned with lace. Clinging to the body, it is bound to accentuate your figure.

Black Widow: Available in black, maroon and dark green, its fine fabric comprises lycra, cotton and lace. It has a lace up-back and a small button at the neckline, consequently giving it a very elegant look. It costs $AU 69.00 and is very much in demand.

Carmine Top: Priced at $AU 59.00, it is a sexy looking mini top whose delicate fabric and deep neckline would surely give you a feminine look. It is available in green, purple and brown colors with brown, grey and black lacings respectively.


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