Steampunk Clothing | An Unique Fashion Clothing Trend

ImageWhen we think of Steampunk clothing, our prolific imagination transports us back to the era of the Industrial revolution when the people working in factories cast off their traditional clothes and chose to wear more casual outfits like leather vests, breeches and boots. However, after almost two centuries, when we see such trends of clothing being disinterred in this sophisticated world, such ideas strike our fancies in the light of anachronism. However, Etnix is all set to launch Steampunk clothing in the world of fashionistas with innovative designs both, for men and women.

Well, here are a few of them for you to pick and choose from:

Andromeda Skirt: Priced at $AU119.00 it is an exclusive creation of the Etnix team. It is available in black, brown and green colors. It is a unique piece on its own since one size fits everyone. It has three adjustable strings spread around the waist. Rich with brass decorations and lace, it is burlesque and could be rightly called a skirt. It is very much in demand among the college students and party-goers.

Burlesque Steampunk Tail Vest: Made of very fine fabric, it sets off its radiance in chocolate brown color and costs $AU169.00. Different layers of frills made of cotton, silk and lace add elegance and splendor to the entire outfit. It is a fine blend of Victorian and funky styles. Also, you could put on a matching brown collar to add regality to the entire piece. It is burlesque in a way and yet, takes us back to the recesses of time. It is jointly designed by Kye from New Zealand and the Etnix team and is hence, a masterpiece creation.


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