That Evening Turned Great Indeed With The Steampunk Fashion

ImageI love the traditional and ethnic clothing from Asia. Particularly when it belongs oriental culture, which doubles my happiness. But last time on my Alumni function, I got confused on the wearing as they had some dress code which was not classical. They had decided some funky kind of dressing style. They were not very particular about the clothing but anyway it was to be funky to remind us of our college days. I was a bit agitated regarding the wear I had to choose. I consulted one of friend who was a designer and had a great deal of innovation.  He called me to her place to show me some designs.

The very next day I visited her and asked for something that may appear funky. She suggested me to choose either cowboy clothing or steam punk. She had a new idea to combine both the styles and to create something novel that would be the funkiest one. As we had to remember the past college days, we needed to be as funkier as possible. I purchased some trousers and to be honest I borrowed from my designer friend some of the accessories and other clothing that I needed. She told me the right combination and I agreed with her.

The day of the celebration reached. I presented myself as the very funkiest and wore as per my friend’s suggestion. When I entered, everybody in the hall stay open mouthed. The combination of both the steam punk and cowboy clothing just created the amazing experience both for me and the audience.  For the first time I enjoyed the most bizarre fashion. The steampunk trouser and the accessories were just awesome. From that event I got a very clear idea about how to appear funkier. My friends admired me a lot that evening and I learned about a new fashion.

That Victorian era clothing with a new tinge did its magic. Though aristocratic in its base, the modernity bestowed a little ruffian look to the steam punk clothing and that is the reason it came out as the superb choice for the funky look. That evening turned a great event of my life due to the proper choice of these combinations of steampunk clothing and cowboy clothing.


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